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Glasto Roundup – Part 2

by on October 9, 2009

Friday is 1st gig day and we’re headlining the “Emerging Talent” Queen’s Head stage sessions. 20 minutes of heaven. Sounds amazing on stage and we’re quite overcome. The good weather threatened the pulling in of people to the tent, but immediately we start, the tent fills to around 800. Awesome response and 20 minutes of the best time of my life. We begin Red Red Rose with the brass line from Micheal Jackson’s Thriller and the rest of Friday becomes a blur courtesy of swapping kazoos for Brothers Pear Cider and other drinks.

The full story is here:

Saturday is our big set at the acoustic stage and I can barely contain myself beforehand. There’s pics up flickr which show just how much fun we have, and we’re still awaiting video from Glasto staff and audience members, but nothing can really explain how good 1,500 kazoos sound from that stage. Thank you thank you, you beautiful people.

The rest of the day is dominated by the Bruce Springsteen anticipation and Pete’s “not enjoying himself” claim. Gary drinks so much that he wakes up in the wrong tent, and doesn’t find our amusement funny.

If we never et to do this again, it’d be sad, but we really did it. I’ve just watched the video for the first time, and had a little cry.

Gary, James, Katie, Gaz, Jason, Ed, Si, Merlin and all those who came to see us, thank you thank you. I’ll never forget just how wonderful this was. I hope it never fades in my mind. At least we’ve got the video!



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  1. jonathan permalink

    Thanks for that.I hope Pete’s enjoying himself a little more.See you soon,Jonathan Bass Owner.

  2. Oh man I wish I had been there. What an event. Main stage next year!

    Loving the blogs guys! Loving them.


  3. “hi”
    “where you goin?”
    “you excited?”
    “im tired.”

    Ha ha ha haaaaar! Genius!

  4. Andie Thatcher permalink

    I don’t want to be a teacher anymore!

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