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BandCamp Feature

by on December 29, 2009

We’re very happy to be able to say that not only has our Be The Architect special release been enthusiastically received and is selling well, but it’s also been featured on the BandCamp blog itself here (Bottom row of the pics, in the middle).

Bandcamp is, for us, the best solution for getting our music to our fans and letting them pay for it. It’s what enables us to do Pay What You Want on all our digital releases, and that they now do physical (with PWYW Physical distribution coming soon) is great news. It’s a really important part of our weaponry as an independent artist.

Why? It’s embeddable here in WordPress, on Myspace (soooo much more elegant than the MS player) and enables listeners to listen to, download in most whatever format you want, and to buy/pay what you want in a tiny amount of clicks, and even works without paypal.

Soo…. thanks Bandcamp and keep up the awesome work. We’re privileged to be included on your blog. There’ll be a in-depth post about the uses and benefits of Bandcamp up on thehuxcapacitor site soon too!



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  1. Thank you guys, the privilege is ours! Delighted to hear Bandcamp is working well for you!

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