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Album 2, Day 2…

by on January 8, 2010

This is a really quick post. Just wanted to upload this image and ask, “Is this what it’s like in the studio for U2?”.

Day 2 mainly spent listening to INXS and Talking Heads to try and work out exactly why they’re so good. Vocal + Drums + Simplicity.

12 ideas, some formed, some just a sketch… in fact more of a line or a smudge… but it’s taking shape.

Over and out



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  1. Steve Plunkett permalink

    I have just received my be the architect cd’s, f***in amazin, I am so chuffed with them.Brilliant creation, the prayer, the whole shebang!And now I am a lyricist (ha).Thanks for helping some dreams come true.Steve x

  2. I [heart] this picture. I hope its the cover to Album 2!

    In fact, would be great if you annotated picture blog the making of this album. I love annotated pictures! Would make cool artwork.

  3. Steve, I have to agree with you about the BTA creation. It makes me happy every time I look at it. I feel some more “f***in amazin” “brilliant creations” are in the pipeline! SHould be a fun year!

  4. Yes, this is what its like for U2 except:

    a) they don’t eat Eclairs

    b) they are in a villa in a very hot country

    c) Bono doesn’t wear socks (apparently)

  5. Joe permalink

    glad to see my whisky has made the photo shoot!

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