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Come Mix With Us

by on March 2, 2010

OK, this is in no way as interesting as the Come Dine With Us event that we’re doing at the end of the month but Hope and Social are going to start mixing tracks for the forthcoming album next week, and you’re invited.

If you’re the kind of person who’s interesting in recording, producing and mixing, it could well be interesting. For those who enjoy being holed up underground with lots of caffeine and no daylight, this may be just down your street. For anyone who’s wished to utter the immortal words “More Cowbell“, then this could be your moment.


Come Join us in the home of Hope and Social

For most normal people, we cannot guarantee the interestingness of the day, but you’re welcome. Bring Cake!

The 5 dates we’re looking at are:

  • Friday 5th of March
  • Monday 8th March
  • Monday 15th March
  • Tuesday 16th March
  • Wednesday 17th March

For those of you who know us, you’ll know that now’s the time when we’ve got a bit of a break from recording things full band as Simon (aka “The Talent”) Wainwright is now on his official paternity break, so we’re starting to knock into shape the stuff we have so far. If you’re interested in coming down, please do contact Ed ( who's coordinating this.

We're not asking for any money, though you may be the tea boy/girl for the day.   ;) Come Mix With Us!


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One Comment
  1. That’s it, you’re definitely my favourite band.

    I’ve never known a band reach out to fans as much as you do – please please keep up the good work.

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