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Marching on Through – Jacket on Tour

by on March 22, 2010

And we’re off…

As well as pissing around with getting the brass for Marching On Through (our crowd sousced lyric and vid song) recorded with the lovely brassers of Hope and Social…

… you may recall, we’re asking good people to star in our forthcoming video project for Marching on Through… If not, well the premise is fairly simple, we want you to make a video for us, of you “Marching On Through” in one of our beautiful royal blue jackets. If you need more info, head over here, but for now we wanted to let you know what else we’ve been doing this past week…. well, turns out we’ve been very busy finding the jacket it’s first holiday home.

Our first taker is a Twitter entry Ms Scottish Penguin (go say Hi!) and here’s the first vid… (My advice is press play on both videos as you watch the one below = load of fun!)

… and the jacket is now winging it’s way right now from ScottishPenguin to DavidHaskoll. If you want the jacket and to feature in the video, do go say hi to hin… The jacket is free in the big wide world now so we don’t know where it’ll head next, that’s up to David.

We expect the battle for the jacket to take place across Twitter (using the hashtag #marchingonthrough) and via our Facebook Page, so please get involved, share and spread the word.

More brass shenanigans going online shortly, but for now (it’s late and I wanted to get this up and out for Monday morning)… enjoy The Marching On Through Band.


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  1. Brilliant. love both of these vids. You can follow the whole blue jacket journey here:

  2. carl permalink

    you guys gonna get the invite to play glastonbury again this year? amazing last time

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