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About Our Debut

Between July 2007 and December 2008 we made this album in a studio which we made for ourselves in the crypt of a beautiful church in West Yorkshire. In this wonderful room we wrote, recorded, mixed and mastered this album and the EP which preceded it. It took a long time cos the band doesn’t make us much money and so we had to do other real world things… And there was some other stuff. It nearly drove us mad. It nearly split us up. But unbelievably we finished it and to us it hangs together as a whole, as a concept and we’re all incredibly proud of this thing that we’ve made and cant wait to share it with as many people as we can. You can hear and download it for whatever you want/free.

It’s an album about believing that there is still wonder and beauty in the world, about believing in people and their possibility for good. It is about community and being part of it, that there is something worth fighting for in your own country (wherever it may be) despite all the shit that people do.

It’s also about a deep seated belief that music can do something wonderful. That it has a value which can’t be just measured with money. And that is lucky as making money is proving almost impossible for bands and musicians to do with any surety at the moment. Through mismanagement and exploitation the major record labels have managed to create an environment where stealing music actually seems to make sense. They’ve managed to destroy the only business model they had and as yet there’s nothing else to replace it… So, we’re trying other things….

You can have our album for whatever you think its worth. If you wanna just download and pay nothing you can. If you wanna give us £100 for it you can! If you want a CD copy just come to a gig and you can have one for what it cost us to make it or get it through our website for cost plus postage. That money goes directly to us (or directly into the big pot of debt at least). This money allows us to make more albums, do more gigs and make more music.

We want YOU to have this album, to hear it as we hope that it will enrich your life in some tiny way and we’ll do anything to make that happen. And if it does bring something to your life maybe you’ll find some way to give us something back.

This is a philosophy which we believe in very strongly at the moment. We (and so many other bands) need your support and help right now. The music world needs rebuilding and it has to happen from the grass roots. Support your favourite bands and try and support them directly. Go to gigs. Buy directly from them or from the small label that they are on. Remove middlemen wherever you can! You can make a difference. The only marketing many bands can afford is word of mouth so please please tell people…

Like so many things music and bands are something which we take for granted but it should be remembered that bands are fragile fragile things. There is no other artform which is so visible but also so much a labour of love. So much wonderful music happens despite all the things around it… despite lack of money, despite lack of support, despite being declared commercially un-viable and if we get value from that music it is OUR responsibility to try and help that music by sharing it, by enjoying and by supporting it in anyway we can.

Nothing is free. The air around us is not free. The trees and the seas and the sunshine are not free. The times when we have wonderful friends around us are not free. They are part of a bargain. An arrangement. A transaction that where value and respect exists on both sides. And if we dont keep our side of any of those bargains then we will ultimately loose some of the things we take for granted.

So ultimately and somewhat selfishly what were saying is: enjoy this album and enjoy all the good things around you. Say yes to things, not no and if you find it in your heart to come over to and say hi or give us something (hey time has value too!) then that would be absolutely lovely…

Safe travels

Hope and Social


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