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About Us

We are a band called Hope and Social from Leeds, West Yorkshire in the UK. We used to be a band called Four Day Hombre and over the last 10 years we have been lucky enough to do some wonderful things. We have played over well over 900 gigs, sometimes to 2 people, sometimes to more. On the strength of the music we have made, we have had some occasional amazing good luck and because of wonderful people that we have met on the way who have found something in us to believe in we have been able to play in the UK, Europe, America, Canada and on one memorable occasion Accrington.

We have met hundreds of fantastic people, been applauded by some, laughed at by others and shared drinks, food and lodging with many. We’ve been ripped off, cheated, lied to, let down and had many incredible experiences and gathered some crippling personal debts.

We have never made any money. We have nearly destroyed all our personal relationships.

It’s been great.

You can find us online in these many and varied places. If you connect with our music, then come and connect with us.

Hope and Social Online

www.hopeandsocial.comHope and Social on BandCampHope and Social on SpotifyHope and Social on FacebookHope and Social on WordPressBlog RSS FeedHope and Social on LastFMHope and Social Flickr SearchEmail us hereHope and Social on MyspaceHope and Social's YouTube ChannelHope and Social on WikipediaAlamo MusicHope and Social on iTunes

Rich Huxley Online

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