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All of our music is available here, so please listen, and if you like it, share (click the share buttons), tell your mates, send people a link to our blog, to our website (or any of those links to the right). All our standard releases are Pay What You Want, so if you love it, and you want to help us keep making music, please pop a penny in the slot. Thanks for listening!


We’ve just released April, recorded mixed and mastered in three months at the start of this year. An uplifting record of hope and optimism and of the springing greens of April.

The “April” download includes photo slideshow from “Come Dine With Us”. Download the album now for whatever you can afford… that includes for FREE if you’re skint.

  • You may also purchase the CD* (includes immediate download of 10-track album plus few goodies zipped up to boot!) packaged in a beautiful WeWow gatefold CD wallet – seriously lovely.

    The minimum price covers our unit cost of manufacture and shipping your CD copy of April to you. Please pay whatever you feel is a fair price for the music on top of that!

    *Warning: may contain flower seeds.

Architect of This Church

Our debut album, and a good place to start if you’ve not happened upon us before. Meant to be listened to as an album. Fits on one side of a D90 cassette (yes, I said “Cassette”)

Songs from The Bar Of Lost Souls

5 songs, written, recorded and mixed in 5 days. Commissioned for the Imitating the Dog theatre piece “Tales From The Bar of Lost Souls” and slightly to one side of what we’ve done before. A bit like Hope and Social meets Nick Cave and stumble into Bruce Springsteen during his Seeger Sessions phase.

Hope and Social – EP

Our first foray as Hope and Social, our debut EP features two particular fan favourites from our live show; Buzzer Goes and Heaven Falls as well as a band fave “Raise a Glass”. Y’know what, skip track 1. We don’t like it.

Be The Architect

A beautiful Box Set release which includes…
– Be The Architect live CD recorded on the night.
– Hope and Social début album Architect of This Church
– 80-page Be the Architect hardback book and more…………

…all in a beautiful leatherette (yes, leatherette) box with silver H&S logo. Wow.

Hope you love our music, and Hope you share it on the Social Web.


  1. alexsapples permalink

    Hope & Social on Last.Fm? Maybe.

  2. Go Hux!


    Hows it going with getting the artist data gigs feed on WP?

  3. Hetts permalink

    I’ve just bought mine! whoooo

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